What happen?

All my base has been taken over by CATS! Oh noes!

Ah, no. My bases are still intact. And instead, all bases of CATS have been destroyed.

But wait! What happened in the past few days?

Sit down, boy. I’ll tell you the important bits.

Firstly, if you’ll be bothered to check the rankings, I (DekuStick) has grown to level 140!

Which also means my Bless of Fairy for my other characters have gone up by one too.

I also will take this time to make an announcement; I have created a perma-noob beginner!

IGN: NameIsTooLon           Level:32 (currently)

Name has somehow been candlejacked though.

I thought I changed it to a Sake Bottle!

Actually, up to level 86, it isn’t exactly horrendous to level it up. 86 due to lack of PQs to do (last one which actually gives significant exp is Romeo & Juliet), and up to ??? with of course, the help of Genesis.

Next, I passed 4 10% scrolls in a row.

The chance is the same i.e. 1/10000. It can be argued that the sample size is 50, but meh. At least I still got it! Finally! Even before I have the normal Pharaoh Belt (Which i still don’t).

Around an hour or so before this post, I went to farm some points in Mu Lung Training Tower. Got in a really nice (good) party, and…


Still nice though, first time been there. The last 2 battles (Papulatus Clock;Mu Gong) has arguably the best BGM in the whole place. Of course, too cheap to get a Media Upgrade, I can’t upload it here.

I guess that’s it for now.

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Korea MapleStory Test Ver. 1.2.327

Oh look, another new patch!

Didn’t think there will be a new one for at least some time after the release of the “Big Bang” on the official server.

Time to review it!

What is there

Music for the new town (Edelstein) and surrounding, most likely to be the Resistance “hometown”. They are, for lack of a better description, wonderful!

World map added too~

Looks pretty neat, don’t you think?

It is located away from the rest of Maple World, a continent by itself. Notice that ship at the bottom left? It (supposedly) heads to Victoria.

No skill changes though, but many skills are now “smart”, as in they can tell if a current skill/item, such as a weapon attack increasing consumable, provides better effect than the skill can, as such it won’t override it.

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This was a triumph…

…I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

It’s harder to overstate my satisfaction…

-GLaDos, from the game Portal.

These phrases from the song are exactly my feelings now.


A winner is me.

As you might be able to tell, Vega’s “magic”, after a looooooong wait, finally came to MapleSEA. And I simply can’t wait for it!

This particular pair of earrings have been stuck at 13 dex, without hammers used, for a long time, and I’ve been wanting to finish it (perfectly) for the longest time. This provides the perfect opportunity. So there.

In addition, I have also scrolled two items recently, without Vega this time.

The first inexplicably sold for 666,666,666. The second, at the point of writing, has a current offer of 620 million.

Enough of my own boasting for now, though

Also, leveled up. 138 now; Snipe is now at level 9. Another 7 more levels to go!

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Thoughts about Maple revamps.

Not the one hopefully coming to MapleSEA very soon (adventurer rebalance), but the brand new revamp(s) in KoreaMS called “Big Bang” (not to be confused with some pop group of the same name)

Off we go! Reviewing each difference.

Victoria Island reshuffle–not so nice, everything going to 1 center place is, in my opinion, a bad idea. Might be good for newbies though

1024×768–DAYUM. Winner.

Reduced experience–while mostly on the win side, it may be such that my effort has not been put to much use after all

Damage formulae change–damage range will increase, so yay!

No more claw punching / bow whacking–YES


Also, there includes many skill changes. However, in this post I would just go through the archer class, being what I am, of course…


Focus–Accuracy, avoid bonus at max level increased to 80 each. Seems like a hell lot, however, with the accuracy and avoid formula change, accuracy (value) determines not much about how often you can hit a monster, so might not be of much use.

Arrow Blow–Max level, 190% damage, damages 3 mobs now. It’s a mob attack!! Finally, archers have a mob attack at first job, along with the removal of (cross)bow-whacking, training would be much more efficient.

Double Shot–Remains the same, which makes me not regret choosing Arrow Blow over Double Shot 😀

Hunter / Crossbowman

(Cross)bow mastery–Mastery got somewhat nerfed to 50% at max level, but accuracy added is increased to 60 at max. This might seem no good, but with the nerf on Sharp Eye’s critical damage, it might be even more stable damage than before.

Final Attack–Max level % chance decreased to 40%, fires an arrow doing 150%. The main thing to note here is that it works with 3rd / 4th job skills now. Your Strafe / Hurricane now can have an extra arrow flying out for free, and with no delay, which makes FA seems worth it to max now.

New skill: Improved Fundamentals (?)–Increased the power of Arrow Blow and Double Shot, just like how Overswing improves Double and Triple Swing. Apparently Arrow Blow +100%, while Double Shot +60%. Good, now we don’t have to use sucky first job skills still the mid 70s or so.

Arrow Bomb–Damage increased to 310%. I’d assume more powerful skills are needed.

Iron Arrow–Damage increased to 340%. Well, likewise with the top.

Power Knockback–Damage increased to 280%. Same, same. ^

Ranger / Sniper

Thrust–Speed boost increased to 30 at max level, which is decreased to 10. Less sp, more speed!

Mortal Blow–With the removal of whacking, its function now is to determine a 1-hit KO at a certain rate below a certain % of health. Of course, does not work on boss monsters as usual, else that would be cheat! At max level, if the monster hp is below 30%, there is a 25% chance of a 1-hit KO attack.

New skill for Rangers–Forgot name–Works like Fake / Shadow Shifter. At max level, 20% chance avoidance rate. Situational again, 20% might not seem like alot, but it sure helps in saving potions

Puppet–Max level hp increased to 8000. So it would survive longer, so it would be less irritating to recast puppet. 😀

Inferno–Max level damage increased to 450%, and with a 6/7-second burn. Still inferior to Arrow Rain, as you’ll see later though. But still good as a lurer.

Blizzard (arrow)–Max level damage increased to 400%. Unnecessarily big in my opinion, blizzard is just use for the freezing.

Arrow Rain / Arrow Eruption–Max level damage increased to 400%, and hits 10 mobs. Super mob attack!!! Hopefully it might give them a training speed similar to huge mob-heavy jobs like Aran or Evan.

Strafe–Damage increased to 150%. Same, it simply has to go up.


Bow Expert–Max level, mastery becomes a…mere…60%, while now adding 30 weapon attack (passive). The reason why mastery becomes suckish now is mentioned above.

Sharp Eyes–Got somewhat nerfed, in the sense that most characters now are not so dependant on it anymore, due to the new critical formula.

Vengeance (?)–New skill. Seems like a passive Arrow Bomb, with knockback and stun as well. Max level, 50% chance, 6 monsters, 320% damage, knockback with 2s stun.

Marksmanship (?)–New skill for both branches. Passive skill which ignores monster’s physical weapon defence at a certain rate, so you can do more damage sometimes. Max level, rate is 20%.

Dragon Pulse / Breath–Damage increased to 210%. Pretty useless buff, considering that no one spams it to attack.

Hurricane / Storm of Arrow–Damage increased to 200%. Basically, hurri / SoA does twice damage as normal now, which makes for pretty badass damages 😀

Pheonix (Moltres)–Max level, attacks with 360% power, up to 3 monsters, and can stun now, at an 80% rate, max level again. No more dependency on Hawk forever! And its rather overdue this buff, considering Frostprey (Articuno) freezes 4 mobs.

Hamstring–Max level duration increased to 210s, and 40% probability that the monster (non-boss) speed is reduced by 60. Which means, for most, snail speed. Good that the timer increased, so it might be useful. And the probability, Hurricane would be fired so fast that the chance that Hamstring isn’t activated decreased exponentially, so no worry about that.

Concentrate–Weapon attack buff increased to 35, mp cost reduced by 50% now. It still has that 6 mins cooldown though…but the mp reduction is much welcome, considering one wastes averaging 9×8.333~=75 mp per second firing Hurricane.

Marksman / Crossbow Master

Crossbow Expert–Max level mastery is 70%, not 60% for Bowmasters. Weapon attack increase is the same. Currently I cannot think of an explanation why this is so though…

Ultimate (?) Strafe–Passive skill, improves Strafe damage and fires 6 arrows, each one at 170% damage. As a Crossbow Master, I can only say this. Winner!

Piercing Arrow–Max level, attack for the first monster increased to 1150%. Assuming that the multiplier for Pierce in between mobs is still 1.2, the last mob would receive (rounded up) 3434% damage. Time for truly epic numbers out of the last monster.

Blind–Buff timer is the same as that for Hamstring. Instead of reducing speed, monster accuracy is reduced 30% for 15 seconds. Not like it would be still alive by then…

Snipe–Early level snipe cooldown reduced ALOT. Level 1 to level 9 is a flat 20s, for example. However, mp cost increased alot at those levels, not like it really matters anyway…

So that’s it for this Archer’s skill changes. Overall, I think the whole revamp is simply fantastic! I simply can’t wait till this arrives at MapleSEA…

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Well, well…

Now that we covered the basics, what now?

Time for some of my history!

My Maple journey began in…sometime in early 2006. Back then, leveling up was simply, hell. Being a newbie then, obviously I have placed the wrong stats. So bye bye goes that first ever character.

Sooner of later, I started a second character, in the Aquila server. This character, has been through 3 years with me. However, in that three years, I have only brought it up fifty-three levels. How pathetic is that right?  However, no doubt it was slow, but no doubt it was fun too! The first fifty levels or so, back in the time when the Ludibrium Party Quest is highest-leveled party quest available, was really enjoyable, but now, not with all the Monster Carnival bullshit. Go die, Spiegelmann.

What character is that? If you’d like to see the rankings at http://maple.playpark.net/ranking/SG/all/0/, search the name “bxoyy2”. Weird name I know, right? But never mind.

In the meantime, I had started a second “project” along with the Assasin. Go back to the ranking page. Search up ‘xB0wxBo0x’. What do you see? A level fifty-seven Crossbowman! Bored with throwing stars all day long, I switched it to an (argubly) less effective projectile, an arrow. This character has formed the basis of my current ‘main’, and my basic interest in this job in general.

What happened to them?

tl;dr Account compromised. However, due to…er hem! Sheer wit from me, I have deactivated that account, or simply put it in deep freeze. I could unlock it anytime by going to the Customer Service thing in Asiasoft offices, since that passport has my real identity attatched to it, but I simply cannot be bothered to.

During the time which I played that Crossbow, I found it simply…amazing to play! In my opinion, this class has a very good and not easy at all playstyle. But more of that later.

After having ‘stolen’ of my account, I then stopped for a few months. Hey, I really needed a break then…

After I came back anew, with a different account and starting all over again, I chose Delphinus / Eridanus as the server of choice. Having wanting to recreate my character, I chose an archer. My name this time, is taken wholesale from the Legend of Zelda series, which I do play, but isn’t the topic of this blog.

Slowly leveling, slowly party-questing, in a nutshell, I came to where I stand now, and don’t intend to quit anytime soon.

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Hello there.

This would be DekuStick’s MapleStory blog.

The version is MapleSEA (Southeast Asia), server Delphinus/Eridanus.

I am a (as of time of writing) level 137 Crossbow Master (also known as Marksman).

o hai

In addition, I also have a (same, as of time of writing) level 54 Assasin (FlawedLogic).

In this blog / wordpress, I would talk about basically random stuff around in MS, not just restricted to the version I play.

So, do wait! (For now) I’ll get this to a respectable amount of posts in well, not long that is.


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