Well, well…

Now that we covered the basics, what now?

Time for some of my history!

My Maple journey began in…sometime in early 2006. Back then, leveling up was simply, hell. Being a newbie then, obviously I have placed the wrong stats. So bye bye goes that first ever character.

Sooner of later, I started a second character, in the Aquila server. This character, has been through 3 years with me. However, in that three years, I have only brought it up fifty-three levels. How pathetic is that right?  However, no doubt it was slow, but no doubt it was fun too! The first fifty levels or so, back in the time when the Ludibrium Party Quest is highest-leveled party quest available, was really enjoyable, but now, not with all the Monster Carnival bullshit. Go die, Spiegelmann.

What character is that? If you’d like to see the rankings at http://maple.playpark.net/ranking/SG/all/0/, search the name “bxoyy2”. Weird name I know, right? But never mind.

In the meantime, I had started a second “project” along with the Assasin. Go back to the ranking page. Search up ‘xB0wxBo0x’. What do you see? A level fifty-seven Crossbowman! Bored with throwing stars all day long, I switched it to an (argubly) less effective projectile, an arrow. This character has formed the basis of my current ‘main’, and my basic interest in this job in general.

What happened to them?

tl;dr Account compromised. However, due to…er hem! Sheer wit from me, I have deactivated that account, or simply put it in deep freeze. I could unlock it anytime by going to the Customer Service thing in Asiasoft offices, since that passport has my real identity attatched to it, but I simply cannot be bothered to.

During the time which I played that Crossbow, I found it simply…amazing to play! In my opinion, this class has a very good and not easy at all playstyle. But more of that later.

After having ‘stolen’ of my account, I then stopped for a few months. Hey, I really needed a break then…

After I came back anew, with a different account and starting all over again, I chose Delphinus / Eridanus as the server of choice. Having wanting to recreate my character, I chose an archer. My name this time, is taken wholesale from the Legend of Zelda series, which I do play, but isn’t the topic of this blog.

Slowly leveling, slowly party-questing, in a nutshell, I came to where I stand now, and don’t intend to quit anytime soon.


About dekums

This would be the blog where I post maple-related stuff.
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