Korea MapleStory Test Ver. 1.2.327

Oh look, another new patch!

Didn’t think there will be a new one for at least some time after the release of the “Big Bang” on the official server.

Time to review it!

What is there

Music for the new town (Edelstein) and surrounding, most likely to be the Resistance “hometown”. They are, for lack of a better description, wonderful!

World map added too~

Looks pretty neat, don’t you think?

It is located away from the rest of Maple World, a continent by itself. Notice that ship at the bottom left? It (supposedly) heads to Victoria.

No skill changes though, but many skills are now “smart”, as in they can tell if a current skill/item, such as a weapon attack increasing consumable, provides better effect than the skill can, as such it won’t override it.


About dekums

This would be the blog where I post maple-related stuff.
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