This was a triumph…

…I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

It’s harder to overstate my satisfaction…

-GLaDos, from the game Portal.

These phrases from the song are exactly my feelings now.


A winner is me.

As you might be able to tell, Vega’s “magic”, after a looooooong wait, finally came to MapleSEA. And I simply can’t wait for it!

This particular pair of earrings have been stuck at 13 dex, without hammers used, for a long time, and I’ve been wanting to finish it (perfectly) for the longest time. This provides the perfect opportunity. So there.

In addition, I have also scrolled two items recently, without Vega this time.

The first inexplicably sold for 666,666,666. The second, at the point of writing, has a current offer of 620 million.

Enough of my own boasting for now, though

Also, leveled up. 138 now; Snipe is now at level 9. Another 7 more levels to go!


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This would be the blog where I post maple-related stuff.
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