What happen?

All my base has been taken over by CATS! Oh noes!

Ah, no. My bases are still intact. And instead, all bases of CATS have been destroyed.

But wait! What happened in the past few days?

Sit down, boy. I’ll tell you the important bits.

Firstly, if you’ll be bothered to check the rankings, I (DekuStick) has grown to level 140!

Which also means my Bless of Fairy for my other characters have gone up by one too.

I also will take this time to make an announcement; I have created a perma-noob beginner!

IGN: NameIsTooLon           Level:32 (currently)

Name has somehow been candlejacked though.

I thought I changed it to a Sake Bottle!

Actually, up to level 86, it isn’t exactly horrendous to level it up. 86 due to lack of PQs to do (last one which actually gives significant exp is Romeo & Juliet), and up to ??? with of course, the help of Genesis.

Next, I passed 4 10% scrolls in a row.

The chance is the same i.e. 1/10000. It can be argued that the sample size is 50, but meh. At least I still got it! Finally! Even before I have the normal Pharaoh Belt (Which i still don’t).

Around an hour or so before this post, I went to farm some points in Mu Lung Training Tower. Got in a really nice (good) party, and…


Still nice though, first time been there. The last 2 battles (Papulatus Clock;Mu Gong) has arguably the best BGM in the whole place. Of course, too cheap to get a Media Upgrade, I can’t upload it here.

I guess that’s it for now.


About dekums

This would be the blog where I post maple-related stuff.
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